Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

A mission statement describes the reason an organiztion or program exists, services it exists to supply, who it serves, and how it measusres excellence.

The District’s mission is to provide our customers with reliable, quality, and cost-effective services now and in the future.

Vision Statement

A clear vision provides guidance for an agency. The clearer the vision, the easier it is for our Board and staff to picture what the Board is trying to achieve, and then achieve it.

The District’s vision is to provide superior and cost-effective services to our customers, a valued place to work for our employees, respected and supported by our public and peers, and help maintain the rural quality of life in Nipomo.


Values are what we consider important — what we believe is right. The Board is responsible for identifying and being the guardian of values. Effective organizations identify and develop clear, concise and shared values, beliefs and priorities, and provide direction so that every employee understands and can contribute by implementing their work in line with the organizations’s values. The existing values statements are written as questions which can be posed to help make difficult decisions.

  • Is it open, transparent and responsive to our customers?
  • Is it sensitive to rates, cost-efficient, and financially responsible?
  • Does it support our commitment to maintaining quality facilies and infrastructure?
  • Does it support our ability to provide quality and reliable services?
  • Does it support the welfare of our employees?
  • Does it support the quality of life and rural character of our community?

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