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Mission and Vision Statement

NCSD Mission Statement

The Nipomo Community Services District’s mission is to provide its customers with reliable, quality, and cost-effective services now and in the future.

NCSD Vision Statement

The District:

  • has sufficient water supplies to meet current needs and is actively planning for and funding future needs
  • has investments in our infrastructure to maintain reliable and efficient services
  • is practicing environmental stewardship to protect our resources
  • has substantially upgraded and continues to upgrade water and wastewater systems to accomodate new water supplies and meet growth and regulatory requirements
  • is sustaining a qualified, long-term and productive workforce to assure an effective organization
  • continues conservative, well managed finances reaching incremental targeted reserve goals
  • achieves a high level of public support through public outreach
  • has improved relationships with local agencies, regulators and providers
  • has constructed and is operating at least one neighborhood park.
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