District Projects

Recently Completed

Supplemental Water Project – Joshua Road Pump Station Reservoir Pump Station Reservoir Completed May 2017 Pacific Hydrotech Corporation $2,702,423
Blacklake Water Reclamation Facility Headworks Rehabilitation Project Completed May 2017 Cushman Contracting Corporation $192,528
Orchard Road Waterline Project Completed R. Baker Inc. $13,100
2017 Utility Adjustment Project 2017 Utility Adjustment Completed November 2017 R. Burke Corporation $197,720
Supplemental Water Project – Nipomo Area Pipeline Improvements, Southland Extension Supplemental Water Project Southland Extension Completed November 2020 Prop 1 IRWM sign $3,553,360

Projects in Construction

Nipomo Palms Lift Station Replacement Project Palms Lift Station Replacement Contract awarded May 2021 Nipomo Palms Lift Station Project Information

Nipomo Palms Lift Station letter to customers

Projects in Design

Branch Street Waterline Replacement Project Branch Street Waterline Replacement Budgeted: $650,000
Southland Wastewater Treatment Facility Storage Building Project Storage Building Budgeted: $150,000
Eureka Well Replacement Project Eureka Well c1980

Eureka Well site c.1980
Budgeted: $1,000,000

Projects in Planning

Nipomo Supplemental Water Project – Pomeroy Extension Supplemental Water Project Pomeroy Extension Budgeted: $1,450,000
Woodgreen Lift Station Replacement Project Woodgreen Lift Station Budgeted: $610,000
Quad Tank Disinfection System Quad Tank Reservoirs Budgeted: $300,000

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