Nipomo Drought Information

Board Declares Stage III Water Shortage Conditions and Moves Forward with Response Plan 

2015 Key Wells Index Status Statement

NCSD Water Shortage Response and Management Plan Summary

Water Shortage Conditions Board Presentation

State Water Board Expands and Extends Emergency Water Conservation Regulation, March 17, 2015  

Official Press Release  CUWCC Summary of Water Restrictions

State Water Board Approves Emergency Regulation to Ensure Agencies and State Residents Increase Water Conservation, July 15, 2014

State Announces $30 Million in Rebates to Help Replace Old Toilets and Turf, August 2015

NCSD’s Water Shortage Response and Management Plan

FAQ’s and NCSD’s Response to State-Ordered Drought Restrictions, updated July 7, 2015


NCSD Water Shortage Response and Management Plan Summary

Our Plan to Address the Water Shortage and Your Role in Conservation

Resolution 2014-1374 Revising a Water Shortage Response and Management Plan

Public Presentations

June 23rd, 2015, 3 PM at Blacklake Club House, 6 PM at NCSD | Public Information Session Presentation

September 4th, 2014 Town Hall Presentations: Supply Introduction and Supplemental Water Rates

May 5th, 2014 Town Hall Presentations: The Problem Caused by Decades of Overpumping and Drought and Our Proposed Solutions and Water Rate Study

Nipomo Supplemental Water Project

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